5 Tips For Australian’s Maintaining Their Beauty Routine This Winter


The long days of summer are behind us, and we’re no longer basking in the sun every day. Now that we’re facing shorter days and colder weather, it’s important to take stock of our beauty routine and see how we can continue to look good without compromising our health or our personal ethics. Our 5 tips for maintaining your beauty routine this winter will help you get through the season looking gorgeous!

1) Don’t Skip the Moisturizer

As cold weather sets in, your skin may react by drying out and producing less oil. If you’re taking proper care of your body, you may also be exercising more. If that’s true for you, it can make things worse when it comes to dry skin! During cold winter months, make sure to keep up with moisturizing and this beauty hack for winter will help you to alleviate itching and cracked skin caused by dryness. There are many different moisturizers according to different skin types.
For Normal to Dry Skin :- This moisturizer contains aloe Vera water and hyaluronic acid for lightweight hydration that provides a glowing finish for normal to dry skin. Use it after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating with a cotton pad or your hands.

For Extra Dry Skin :- Featuring a creamy, matte finish and hydrating qualities, this cream is a must for chronically dry skin. Infused with ingredients like aloe Vera water and hyaluronic acid, this lotion never leaves skin thirsty for moisture.

For Normal to Oily Skin :- Sometimes it might seem that the exact opposite is true, but with oily skin, you need moisturizer too. This one has a matte finish, so it doesn’t look greasy. It’s also made with aloe vera water and hyaluronic acid to ensure lasting, consistent hydration.

Apply generously all over face, neck, back of hands, elbows, knees and any other areas you feel need extra moisture in order to retain suppleness throughout winter months.

2) Exfoliate Your Lips

Skin can get a little scaly in dry winter weather, and your lips are no exception. Exfoliating lips once or twice a week can prevent skin build-up that may make your lip color look uneven. Exfoliating lips is also a great way to prepare them for other treatments like lipstick or gloss.

Try exfoliating your lips with sugar and oil—just mix equal parts sugar and sweet almond oil, then dab on with a cotton swab or an old toothbrush this is the best way to exfoliate your you need to exfoliate your lips to prevent them from getting dry and ensure the lipstick will go on smoother and last longer.

3) Shower In Lukewarm Water

A hot shower is one of life’s great pleasures, but it can seriously dry out your skin, especially if you bath every day. Try cooling things down a little and enjoy a lukewarm shower for your beauty regimen. By reducing your hot water consumption by as little as 10% you’ll save money and it helps to protect your skin from winter dry skin problems. Sure, hot showers feel good and can offer temporary relief for the discomfort of dry skin for a few minutes, but they actually worsen the condition. It can leave you more vulnerable to getting dry skin as hot water makes your skin lose natural oils and protective barrier.

4) Apply a nourishing night mask or cream

This nightly process leaves skin fresh and plump when you wake up. If you have skin problems like dryness or eczema, using a moisturizing night cream before bed will replenish your skin. It also helps to reduce acne breakouts by locking in moisture while you sleep. Apply a nourishing mask at least once per week to give your skin an extra boost of hydration. You can even use it as part of your regular beauty routine if you want soft, supple skin. Sleeping masks usually contain things like hyaluronic acid and retinol, and the consistency is thick, but not too greasy so it doesn’t clog the pores. Sleeping masks that contain additional active agents need to be used with care in combination with prescriptions.

5) Switch to a Luminous – Finish Foundation

It is generally advised to try out a luminous-finish foundation during the winter months. The dry winter weather can cause your skin to appear dull and lifeless, now is a great time to switch out your regular foundation for a formula that’s a little more luminous. Foundations with a lumino finish will provide your skin with a glowy appearance, even with a similar coverage as before. Additionally, less makeup will be needed when you put your makeup on. With dry air both outdoors and inside, using a radiant finish foundation during the winter months can go a long way in disguising the appearance of dull winter skin.

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