A Footwear Affair: 5 Types of Shoes You Need in Your Closet


For most people, shoes are one of the most important items in their closet, and it’s easy to see why! You wear them every day, after all, and they can make or break an outfit. But if you don’t have the right footwear in your closet, you could be missing out on tons of opportunities to upgrade your look and feel more confident about yourself. Take a look at these 5 different types of shoes you need to keep in your closet for this 2022 summer season.

1) The Wedge

Wedges can be just as sexy as stilettos and have a bit more versatility—say, going from work to play. If you don’t already own at least one pair, it’s time to invest! Wedges offer cushioning and comfort by lifting your feet up off your shoes. They come in many different heights. It doesn’t matter if they’re slingbacks or with straps because these versatile wedges will never disappoint. Just remember to keep the dress code (business professional) in mind when deciding what color and material you want.

For girls who love their heels but need more support, try on some wedges. Wedges are perfect for someone who has trouble walking in high heels but still wants stylish shoes; plus they’re much easier to slip on than those killer high heels. So, for this season of 2022, put on a pair of wedges.

2) The Strap in

Nothing adds to a simple outfit quite like a pair of strappy heels. While they may have been super popular (and even borderline controversial) back in 2012, today’s styles are much more subtle and wearable. Ankle straps are an especially great option for women who want to add some feminine flair without skimping on stability or support. Plus, you can find them just about anywhere—from high-end department stores to flea markets — so you’re sure to find a pair that fits your style.

They’re really easy to wear: Strap sandals are perfect for summertime because they’ll work with both casual and dressy outfits. You don’t need to worry about wearing the wrong thing, so you can go from day out shopping with friends to dinner at a restaurant with your significant other without changing shoes. When the sun starts shining strap sandals will allow for plenty of ventilation.

They come in different colors: For all different types of shoe-lovers, there is likely something for you.

3) The Mules

A mule is a classic footwear style with a history dating back to ancient Egypt, but it’s never been cooler than now. Whether you go for a traditional leather or opt for a more updated version like an open-toe slide, these suede numbers are still reigning supreme. In addition to looking amazing, mules are also extremely comfortable, which means you can rock them all day and night long.

In addition to making a timeless fashion statement, mules also add a feminine touch to any outfit. Mules are so versatile that you can wear them all year round, from summer picnics to fall festivals. When shopping for mules, make sure they’re narrow enough that your foot doesn’t slide around inside. Make sure your toes are touching both front edges at all times when wearing flats or else you risk damaging your toe joints over time.

Mules are available in a variety of materials, from leather to plastic and everything in between. Although they can last for years, it’s important to care for your mules properly so they look as good as new.

4) The Fisherman Sandals

These are old-school sandals with a sole similar to an old fisherman’s shoe. They are comfortable and simple, with one strap going around your foot and a piece of rope for you to tie it together. While these may seem a bit casual for some people, they can be worn as every day footwear to go out grocery shopping or running errands during nice weather.

Even though they aren’t suitable for formal occasions, Fisherman Sandals are among one of the most popular shoes on our list; but why is that? Fisherman Sandals were once considered peasant shoes – inexpensive and comfortable. They provided little support for your feet and the comfort level increased, or maybe because people wanted something more rugged than their fancy leather shoes. Whatever the reason may be, these days there are multiple types of Fisherman Sandals for all different types of lifestyles. There are even brands that have been created specifically for women.

They are incredibly comfortable and they aren’t at all difficult to take care of either so it’s no wonder why everyone wants their own pair.

5) The Flats

Whether you’re at work or on a night out, flats are your new best friend. Investing in a good pair will make all your outfits look cooler, from simple jeans and a T-shirt to an LBD. Since flats come in so many styles, you can pick and choose which ones are right for your lifestyle.

If you work behind a desk all day, for example, platform pumps will give you just enough lift to be comfortable after long hours of standing. With that said, wearing heels might not be a wise decision, but sometimes choosing comfort is also a good idea.

Most people’s favourite shoes are flats because they’re ideal for pairing with dress pants. They’re perfect for 2022 summer days when it’s hot outside. They’re also great because I can throw them on with any outfit that I’m wearing without changing my entire outfit (excellent when running late). Ultimately, flats are the best choice for everyone, as they are very comfortable and easy to match with any outfit.

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