Earrings and Piercings – The Perfect Addition to Your Look


When deciding on the perfect style to accentuate your outfit, earrings and piercings are two of the most common accessories to consider. The flexibility of the two pieces means that they can be worn with virtually any outfit, allowing you to change up your look quickly and easily, while also giving yourself room to express your own unique style! If you’re not sure what types of earrings or piercings go best with your outfit, here are some great ideas to help you make the most out of these fashionable accessories.

Earrings and Piercings

An earring, also known as a hoop, is an accessory that enhances our daily look by adorning the earlobe.

Evidence of it being worn on the nose as an ornament dates back to the Bronze Age, when the piece was first found. In Egypt, earrings were also worn by princesses of the 12th and 13th dynasties and princes of the 20th.

The use of these earrings was quite common in the area of ​​the ears. Likewise, they were most frequently used on the nose. As a superstitious measure, some used earrings to ward off evil spirits from entering their body through the ear.

Therefore, the hoop evolved into what we use today. Its use began to extend beyond the ears to the whole body. As in the piercing of the eyebrows, nose, tongue, chest, etc., now known as piercing.

Earrings vs. piercings
The earring is any item placed in the lower lobe of the ear. A piercing is anywhere else in the ear, even in the same lobe (other than the lower one).

Types of earrings
There are several types of earrings including

In most cases, they are circular and closed completely.

Although they can also be found in semi-open models, they are also known as rings.

These are very light and can be combined with piercings. There are countless models, styles, and colors.

The perfect ring earring will make your look stand out even more. They come in different shapes and sizes so you have the option of choosing the one that best suits your preferences.

They are pendants that lengthen the face visually and must measure approximately 40 mm in length and less than 10 mm in width. The best part about earrings is how they can elevate your look effortlessly.

Whether you’re wearing a simple tank top and jeans or an elegant cocktail dress, you can easily transform your outfit with just one pair of earrings!


An accessory model that has been on trend for some time now, consisting of a long earring.

However, as its name implies, it climbs with the ear from the lobe to the top, holding on under pressure.

If you have sensitive ears or have trouble wearing heavy earrings, this may not be the perfect choice for you. Otherwise, they are an elegant choice that can compliment any outfit or occasion!

Also known as mole, it is a type of small earring that attaches to the bottom ear lobe and is often informal. These studs are not flashy themselves.

For daily use, earrings are perfectly compatible with other piercings and are available in many models, made from materials such as zircon, pearls, the same material, enameled, etc.

It can be said that these types of earrings are some women’s favorite type. If you’re looking for an attractive option, this may be a good choice for you.

Types of Piercings
The most common place to get them is in the ear. Due to this, there are various types of piercings based on the exact location.

These days, many people get pierced in the cartilage, rather than at the lobes of the ears.

One notable advantage of seersucker is that it’s more visible and perforations are typically not very painful.

Healing can, however, take longer compared to other areas.

It is situated in the cartilage area, which is in high demand due to its notoriety and ability to place more.

With a high risk of infection, healing can take up to a year.

It is done in the inner part of the ear, so we recommend wearing smaller earrings.

The healing process can take six to nine months, with a high risk of infection.


Anti Helix
The perforation, also known as the counter helix, is located just in front of the helix area. We also recommend wearing a small earring with this perforation.

It will take at least a year of healing with a high risk of infection.

The antihelix follows below the area below the antihelix. Moreover, it is a highly visible area.

Moreover, this type of place is better suited to earrings of a ball-type or miniature.

An infection can be a risk for up to 6 months during the healing process.

It is located in the inner cartilage of the ear, closest to the cheek, specifically in the complex lobe.

Healing can take 3 to 6 months with a high risk of infection.



Anti Tragus
It is located in front and diagonal to the tragus area and is most compatible with a small earring.

Healing can take up to nine months with a high risk of infection.


Snail or Conch
The area is located in the upper part of the ear, specifically in the small basin of the ear. If the perforation is not desired, rings or ear cuffs may be used as an alternative.

Between 6 and 9 months, it heals, presenting a high risk of infection.


Since this is where the common earring or earring is located, it’s not really considered a piercing area.

At this point, newborn girls usually have earrings placed right away.

Healing takes less than two months with a low risk of infection.

Upper Lobe
It is in the lower lobe and is the most common area to receive a piercing.

The piercing is sometimes referred to as a “second hole” and allows you to wear small, medium, or large earrings according to your taste and style.

Healing can take 1 to 2 months as in the lobe with a low risk of infection.

Ear Cuff
This is a variant of earrings that has become quite popular in recent years, because it allows you to use a piercing without drilling.

Earrings of this type are held in place through pressure, and there are many models for every taste.

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