Fashion designer Arjan Dugal on men’s fashion and his future plans with the label


How does it feel coming back to Kolkata?

That’s where I started my label and from me Kolkata has a special place. Even though the orientations have changed, I feel that the loyalty that the city has as far as my clothing is concerned… the response has been phenomenal.

You are getting your festive collection, right? The detailing is the key….

This is my festive collection, yes. Detailing has always been the bread and butter of my collections. That can make or break the piece and for someone who wants to get a lot of wear out of it, details make them keep coming back for more to see the mix.

As far as this collection is concerned, there is a lot of texture involved. We like to create textures because we like the way whether it’s silk that plays with the light or the thread, but when you do add texture it takes on a whole new meaning and makes it a whole lot more versatile.

We have stuck to our guns when it comes to prints. They have been evolving for the last six years. This year we have a display of eight new prints.

There is a lot of chikankari…

I would say 40-50 per cent is influenced by chikankari. I love the delicate work and we have never really worked with it and always wanted to celebrate the Lucknowi chikankari work.

We see a lot of yellows too. So, men are wearing more and more colours…

That started when fashion started evolving. Then womenswear became so big. As the lady goes out, she wants to have a man who is decently well-dressed next to her and she does the shopping for him primarily. Seventy percent of my clients are ladies and then they bring their husbands.

I love yellow. Even though it does depict the onset of spring, I believe incorporating it in lighter shades for a Mehndi function or for a winter lunch function is very cool.

What are more and more bridegrooms wearing?

What they are wearing has essentially remained the same. They do like a little bit of texture and they don’t like to dress it up a bit more. The first criterion we get with any bridegroom is that I have to match somewhat with what my wife is wearing. As far as the trends there go it has to do a lot with texture again, tone-on-tone, simplicity but with a little bit of detail which shout out. That completes the outfit.

The label has completed five years. What have you enjoyed most and what new things are you learning every day?

There is always a lot to learn. The pace at which menswear is evolving now is faster than it ever has. God has been really kind and it is a rewarding, loving experience to see and dress people for their big occasions. The experience has been humbling and grateful.

What is the next step?

The next step for us would be growth, horizontally first. We are looking into doing shoes and have started a little bit of footwear with our festive collection and towards the spring, we will be launching an easy-to-wear label under my label itself, typically what I would wear for a western workday, under the theme of power dressing. We are also doing a line of leather jackets for the winters.

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