How technology has changed beauty?

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The world of beauty has changed by leaps and bounds in the last decade, technology has been an essential part of management and provides superior results.

Lasers, ultrasound devices, focused ultrasound, Radiofrequency can all be used to design faces and bodies. Technology provides an advance of pain-free treatments requiring no anesthesia, quicker results with no side effects or downtime, and completely scarless with being a simple clinic procedure.

When deciding on a procedure you need to understand for what indications do you desire to do the procedure, for lifting of the face, eyebrows, eye bag reduction, jawline, double chin reduction the HIFU or High intensity focused ultrasound gives excellent results this is like a mini facelift can be used for face and body lifting especially for abdomen and butt lift .always remember results are not like a surgical procedure but visible results do the show. The technology work on the principle of tightening a muscle sheath in the face and thus provides the lifting.

If we are looking for collagen generation or tightening we can work with radio frequency it helps to generate collagen and tightens the face can be used for the face and body. The technology helps to remodel the collagen and build new fresh collagen in the skin. Lasers are beautiful devices to be used carefully by a trained professional. Lasers can be used to treat pigmentations for face brightening, scar removal, stretch mark reduction, body rejuvenation to name a few indications.

Aesthetic medicine has evolved and we can provide visible results in a short period of time but the challenge remains that there are so many technologies to choose from and a well-trained doctor is essential as they can cause short-term side effects like pain, irritation, and redness to name a few.

With inputs from Dr Geeta Mehra Fazalbhoy, dermatologist.

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