Lefties: Clothing and Shoes


Lefties have certain clothing and footwear needs that may not be immediately apparent to the average shopper, so it’s important to be aware of them when you’re looking to buy something new. Generally speaking, lefties need to buy differently shaped items than righties do—everything from socks and shoes to wallets and jewelry can be different depending on whether you’re left- or right-handed. Here are some tips for shopping for lefties clothing and shoes in particular.

Heeled Sock Ankle Boots

A lot of people have a difficult time finding shoes that fit well, but left handed people have an even more difficult time. Not only is the shoe size different, but if you’re a leftie it’s harder to find a shoe with the heel on the right foot. This can make it hard for people who are constantly in heels or flats to find comfortable shoes. Fortunately, many companies now offer shoes specifically for left handed shoppers. We’ve got some options below!

Sock-heeled ankle boot for women.
A renewed classic ideal for any occasion.
Medium wide heel.
Cane detail in elastic fabric.
Heel height: 6.5cm

High Heel Ankle boots

High heels are great for a night out, but I’m leftie so finding the perfect shoe is hard. When it comes to choosing shoes, here are my go-to’s: flats for running errands; slippers for lounging around the house; shirts with pockets for easy access to my phone. If you’re looking for comfortable footwear that will last you awhile, slip on some slippers!

High boot type shoe for women.
Stitching detail on cut.
Pointed finish.
Medium wide heel.

Basic Tracksuit Top

You can find left-handed clothing for all different occasions, from a formal shirt to a casual shirt. For shirts, you might want to look for shirts with elasticized or a drawstring neckline that’s not too low. The cuffs should be able to go over your hands without being too tight. For pants, look for pants with elasticized waists instead of belt loops because they will more easily accommodate the waistband of your right-handed belt. Jeans should also have an elasticized waistband because it will hold them up better than a metal button closure. Consider shirts with buttons on the left side and pants that have pockets on the left side as well so you can easily use your right hand while wearing them.

A pack of two cotton, ribbed tank top t-shirts with short sleeves and a v-neckline.
They are made of a soft and comfortable fabric.
Combine them with their matching pants.

Gathered Glitter dress

Available in pink, blue, or black. This dress is cute for a night out with friends. The glitter dress is made from 100% polyester and has a stretchy fabric that will fit any size body type. One side of the dress is dotted with tiny glitter accents while the other side features a repeating pattern of hearts. There are small slits on either sides of the skirt to help you when walking and give it an interesting look. Pair it up with some sparkly heels!

Short long-sleeved dress with a V-neckline.
It has matching ribbons on the chest to adjust the gather and is made of a comfortable and light fabric with a metallic shine.

Cropped Feather Shirt

We know that left-handed people need their own version of everyday items, so we’re happy to provide them with CROPPED Feather Shirts. Our shirts are made from 100% cotton, but they’re not your average shirt! The material is a little thicker than your average tee, which means it’s perfect for cooler temperatures.
We’ve also designed our shirts to be unisex in size – this way, you’ll have no problem finding the right size for you or a loved one. We know that the majority of left-handed people are women, but there are plenty of men out there who need their own versions of everyday items too! All of our CROPPED Feather Shirts come in sizes small through extra-large.

Short long-sleeved shirt with matching front button closure. It is made of a very fluid fabric and has matching feather detail on the cuffs.

Combine it with its matching pants.”


The RUSTIC BLOUSE is a garment designed to be worn by left-handed people. It looks like an ordinary blouse, but the sleeves are on the opposite side. This means that the left arm goes through a sleeve before the right arm does, making it much more comfortable for left-handed people to wear.
It also offers protection from irritating arm hairs rubbing against wool or polyester fabrics that might otherwise irritate your skin when you’re wearing a long sleeve blouse or shirt. The RUSTIC BLOUSE can be worn with any outfit you choose – it’s not just for work!

Short-sleeved V-neck blouse.
It has decorative details of cords finished with a tassel on the neck.
Its slightly loose fit and its rustic fabric provide great comfort.

Knit T shirt with ruffles

For left-handed knitters, the needles are on the right. The stitches are wound with the knit side facing in towards you (opposite of right-handed knitters). When you cast on, the needle is inserted from back to front (instead of front to back). Increase stitches by knitting into the back loop instead of wrapping it around your needle (like a right-hander would) and then putting it on your left needle – this gives a cleaner look than working into the front loop which would cause an extra bump where you made your stitch increase.

Round neck long-sleeved T-shirt with ruffle detail on the armhole.
It’s made of comfortable cut point with a nice ribbed finish.

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