Natori’s Guide to the Best Underwear for Your Body Type


Natori’s Guide to the Best Underwear for Your Body Type

Welcome to Natori’s guide to finding the best underwear for your body type. Natori is a world-renowned leader in lingerie and underwear, offering styles for every body shape and size. Whether you are looking for bras, panties, lingerie, or sleepwear, Natori has something for you. In this guide, we will explore the different types of underwear available from Natori and how to choose the perfect one for your body type. So, let’s get started and find the perfect underwear for you!

What is your body type?
When it comes to bras, lingerie, and sleepwear, your body type is a key factor in choosing the right items. Knowing your body type helps you select pieces that provide the right support, fit well, and flatter your figure. It is also important to consider your lifestyle and preferences when choosing styles.
The three main body types are a pear shape, hourglass, and apple shape. Pears have wider hips and a smaller busts; hourglasses are more balanced with curves in all the right places; apples are curvier at the waist and have a larger busts. Regardless of body type, bras, lingerie, and sleepwear should be comfortable and fit properly. Pay attention to details such as cup size, shoulder straps, and band sizes for the best fit.
Different bras, lingerie, and sleepwear provide different levels of support depending on your body type. For pears, look for bras that offer extra support in the cups, along with wider shoulder straps to help distribute weight evenly. For hourglass figures, choose bras that give both lift and support in the cups while maintaining a flattering shape. Apple shapes should look for a bra with wide straps to help contain the bust without creating any bulges or tightness.
Regardless of your body type, always take time to find bras, lingerie, and sleepwear that fit comfortably and support your body correctly. Knowing your body type can help you make sure you are getting the best possible pieces for your unique shape!

What are your goals?
When it comes to bras, lingerie, and sleepwear, it is important to know what your goals are. Do you want a comfortable, supportive bra that won’t show under clothing? Are you looking for something sexy and alluring for a special occasion? Or perhaps you just need something comfortable for lounging around the house? Depending on your needs and body type, different styles of bras, lingerie, and sleepwear can suit your needs. Knowing what your goals are will help you narrow down the options to find the perfect fit.

What styles flatter your figure?
When it comes to bras, lingerie and sleepwear, it’s important to select styles that flatter your figure. Different body types will suit different styles best. For example, if you have a larger bust, an underwired bra with adjustable straps and full-coverage cups is usually the most flattering. For those with petite frames, a triangle or balconette style may be the best option.
Lingerie is all about finding the right fit and look. For ladies with a curvier shape, look for pieces that accentuate your natural curves. Corsets and shapewear are ideal for this type of figure. Meanwhile, those with slimmer figures should go for pieces that add volumes, such as frilly camisoles and babydolls.
When it comes to sleepwear, comfort should always come first. Soft and stretchy fabrics such as cotton are ideal for those who want to relax in comfort after a long day. Nightgowns are great for those who prefer something loose-fitting and relaxed. If you’re looking for something more stylish, then a chemise or nightdress with cute details like lace and embroidery can look great.

What are the best brands for your body type?
When it comes to underwear, bras, lingerie, and sleepwear, Natori is one of the top brands on the market. Their bras are designed to fit all body types, providing comfort and support with adjustable straps and a wide range of sizes. Plus, they have a selection of beautiful lingerie that is perfect for any special occasion or simply to feel good in. Lastly, their sleepwear is incredibly cozy and stylish, making it the ideal choice for nighttime lounging. With such an array of options, Natori has something for everyone – no matter your body type.

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