The Different Types of Boots Every Woman Needs in Her Closet


You have many different types of shoes to choose from in your closet, but none are as versatile as boots. Boots can be dressed up or down, and you can even find waterproof boots that will stand up to the elements when the weather turns nasty. If you want to learn about the different types of boots every woman needs in her closet, read on to discover which boot styles are best for your lifestyle and body type.

Combat Boots
Women have been wearing combat boots since World War II, when they were first introduced. These boots are usually long and come up to the ankle or calf. They’re designed to be comfortable and practical, with a low heel and thick sole. Combat boots can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, suede, and canvas. Today, they’re available in a wide range of styles, from classic to modern. Whether you’re looking for a tough and durable boot for hiking or a stylish option for everyday wear, combat boots are a great choice.

Riding Boots
A classic style, riding boots are perfect for women who want a sleek look that can be dressed up or down. Whether you choose a pair with a low or high heel, these boots are sure to make a statement. Plus, they’re great for colder weather since they hit right at the knee, keeping your legs warm and toasty. And if you’re going out after work on Friday night, they’ll still look just as good when you change into jeans later. Alternatively, they are called Derby boots.

Ankle Boots
There are different heights of shaft and heel to be found with boots. Many boots for women are named for the parts of the leg they cover. The situation with ankle boots is this, they are a boot style that reach a couple inches over the ankle.

These are the most versatile type of boot and can be worn with just about anything. Skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses all look great with ankle boots. Plus, they come in a variety of styles, from classic to edgy. You’ll find everything from faux leather or suede to wool felt. You’ll also find ankle boots in knee-high or shorter height variations (i.e., above the calf) and even mid-calf height if you prefer that fit!

Knee-High Boots
You can also choose knee-high boots if ankle coverage isn’t for you. Materials such as leather, suede, or fabric can be used to make these skirts that end just below the knee. They are a great choice for when you need to look professional but still want a fashionable edge. Plus, they go with almost anything! Even jeans and t-shirts! The only thing is, they might not always offer the same amount of protection from rain and snow like shorter options would.

Knee-High Rain Boots: These are a perfect option for those looking for water protection while staying stylish. The thigh area is typically insulated and lined with rubber so that your pants stay dry even during inclement weather conditions.

Stilettos and Platforms
A woman can never have too many pairs of stilettos and platforms. They are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any outfit, day or night. And, they always make your legs look great! Stilettos and platforms come in many different styles, so it’s easy to find a pair that fits your personal taste. Whether you prefer strappy sandals with high heels or low wedges with studs, there is something for everyone.


Long Boots
A classic style, long boots come in a variety of colors and materials. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, or skirts and are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Over-the-knee boots are a trendy style of long boot that can add a sexy touch to your look. These boots should hit just below the knee and they come in a wide range of colors. These boots are perfect for adding some edge to an otherwise conservative ensemble.
If you prefer to keep your boots simple, then a classic style is for you. These boots can be worn year-round and are a great option if you wear a lot of leggings or denim. Classic boots come in full or mid-calf length and can have low heels or stacked heels, making them easy to wear with any type of shoe. They’re available in virtually every color imaginable so you can match them to just about any outfit. For added warmth during colder months, choose an over-the-knee design with additional lining inside. During warmer months, opt for a lighter material that will let your skin breathe without giving up style points.

Short Boots
A versatile style, short boots can be worn with everything from jeans to skirts. They come in a variety of materials, including leather and suede, and can be embellished with details like fringe, buckles, and zipper closures. Whether you’re looking for a pair of everyday booties or something dressier for a night out, short boots are a great option. From trendy Chelsea boots to classic riding boots, we have them all.

The shorter length is flattering on any leg shape and they’re available in so many different styles that you’ll never get bored of your options! There’s no need to wear tights underneath unless it’s extremely cold outside- the soft material will keep your legs warm enough. These are perfect if you want to show off your fabulous gams!

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