The Different Types of Earrings and How They Compliment Your Body Appearance


Different women have different opinions when it comes to earrings and whether they should be worn or not. Some say that wearing earrings can make them look older, while others think it gives them the look of feminine power. Whatever your opinion on the matter, it’s clear that there are many different types of earrings out there and you may be wondering which one best suits your body appearance and face shape.

Earrings are a great way to show off your natural beauty, and choosing the right earrings will enhance your features.

Oval Shaped Faces

As a rule, oval-shaped faces are balanced—they have both a wider forehead and a longer chin than round faces. In general, more angular features work well with diamond earrings, which will emphasize those defining points in your face.

Pear-shaped diamond earrings are particularly attractive if you want to draw attention to your cheekbones. Longer triangle earrings can be used to draw eyes down from your jawline while shorter hexagonal ones can be used to draw attention up towards your eyes. Oval or round stones can also be set as teardrops or studs; larger stones also work great as mid-length necklaces or bracelets.

Overall, it’s safe to say that any type of oval jewelry will flatter an oval shape face.


Round Shaped Faces

Long earrings would not be flattering to someone with a round face. Short, circular earrings that complement your face shape look great on you. Avoid any kind of stud earring with a round shape. Studs are out because they draw attention to what you don’t want to call attention to—your chin.

Your best bet is dangly, hoop-style earrings with an interesting pattern like flowers or birds, or at least some sort of design outside of plain circles. A solid circle is just too boring for your lovely face.

Round faces can be especially flattered by teardrop earrings. What you want is an off-center, dangling earring with some interest on it. A dangly pair of regular studs can be just as lovely if they fit your face shape properly. The key is in finding something with detail that contrasts nicely against your skin tone.


Heart Shaped Faces

For those lucky enough to have a heart-shaped face, stick with studs and hoops that are three inches or less in diameter. The problem with larger earrings is that they tend to overpower your face, making you look much wider than you really are.

Studs and small hoops are also ideal because they allow people to see more of your face rather than just your ears. You may want to avoid large chandelier earrings as well, since their bulkiness can give you a very heavy look overall.

No matter what style you choose, make sure it complements your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, yellow gold is a good choice for earrings; if you have olive skin tone, avoid gold completely because it will clash with your complexion.

Chandelier earrings also look good on heart-shaped faces but should be kept small and light as well; larger versions will make your face appear wider than it really is. Choosing hoop earrings helps to elongate your face as well; make sure they’re no more than 3 inches wide at most so they don’t overpower your features.


Square Shaped Faces

Square-shaped faces are typically broad, with almost even length and width. To visually narrow your face, choose a style that has elongated or multiple shapes (such as an oval).

To offset a square face, try oval-shaped earrings that make your face appear more balanced and proportionate.

Careful consideration should be made when choosing earring types for squared shaped faces because large or heavy earrings can throw off your face’s natural harmony.

Only a few types of earrings work for square-faced people. Opting for earrings with square shapes such as square studs and square hoops is not a wise decision. These earrings will accentuate the shape of your jaw and chin.


Narrow Shaped Faces

If you have a narrow face, opt for earrings that are small in size but with large stone embellishments.

For example, clusters of studs along with big gemstones will give you plenty of sparkle without overwhelming your features.


Just make sure to keep your jeweler proportional to your face; otherwise, you’ll risk taking attention away from where it should be – on your smile.

If that means going bigger or smaller depending on what makes you feel best about yourself, then go for it! Because we all deserve happiness. Wear what feels good to make people feel good about themselves too.



Diamond Shaped Faces

These faces are long, thin, and angular. The best earring choice for diamond-shaped faces is studs or hoop earrings that add width to your face by playing off angles. A thin band with a dangle will draw attention upward toward your eyes; if you choose a larger dangle, be sure it doesn’t extend past your chin.

You may want to avoid long earrings that extend past your chin, as they will emphasize an already prominent lower jaw. Bezel-set gems or inlaid metal should be your first choice. Medium-sized hoops or dangles with height work well too—anything with a flair at the bottom is a great choice for diamond faces. Since these are angular faces, you don’t want to choose anything that will soften them further (think long chains or circles). You may also choose bangles if you like more boho-chic jewelry—but no one piece should overwhelm your face! And any stones (diamonds being optimal) must be at least half carat, which adds width back into a thin face.

The frames of your glasses emphasize the roundness of your cheekbones. Wear smaller earrings. Earrings that balance your natural beauty are the best kind. Ones with more width than length are flattering. It’s also a good idea to get earrings with a delicate drops.

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