The Different Types of Leather Boots Everyone Needs in Their Closet


The leather boot has been an essential item in the closet of every stylish guy since boots were first created. While there are various styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, you’ll always find a pair of boots in most men’s closets that can be worn with just about anything. If you’re looking to add some variety to your wardrobe, check out these different types of leather boots you need in your closet to ensure that you have something to wear with any outfit possible.

All About Leather Boots
Leather boots come in many shapes and designs, but what sets them apart is the leather used to make them. Leather is a broad term that encompasses many different kinds of skins, treatments, and tanning methods. The most common types of leather are cowhide, sheepskin, kangaroo skin, and pig skin. When you purchase a pair of leather boots you’ll want to find out which type they are made from because this will determine the quality as well as their durability. The higher quality type of leather boots have more natural oils left in them making them more durable than those made with less expensive types like pigskin or synthetics. Fashion trends dictate what kind of men’s or women’s boot styles are popular at any given time so it can be hard to predict which style will last long-term. All these factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing a new pair for your wardrobe!

Patent Leather Boots
Patent leather has a glossy finish and a coating of patent leather. It’s typically made from calfskin, and it’s often used in high-fashion footwear. Patent leather boots are popular among both men and women, and they can be dressed up or down. If you’re looking for a pair of patent leather boots, make sure to choose a style that’s appropriate for your personal fashion sense.


Rough-out Leather Boots
These boots are made from the outside layer of the hide, which is the tougher and more durable part. This makes them ideal for people who need a boot that can withstand harsh conditions, like construction workers or hikers. Plus, they’re usually more affordable than other types of leather boots. Rough-out leather boots are a great choice for both men and women. Men might find these boots to be especially useful for activities like hunting or hiking. On the other hand, if you want something a little dressier, then you might want to try out suede boots. Suede leather is softer and comes from the inner layer of the animal’s skin. It’s popular among those who want a finer shoe with less rugged features. However, many men prefer rough-out leather because it’s cheaper and easier to break in. For this reason, men often wear rough-out boots while women typically wear suede ones.

Calfskin Leather Boots
The leather used to make calfskin boots comes from the hide of young cows, making them extremely soft. The surface of the boots is made with soft calfskin leather, which is luxurious to the touch, yet more durable than cowhide. To provide stretch and comfort, they are usually made from a single piece of leather cut on the bias. Specifically, calfskin has two finishes: aniline and semi-aniline. A genuine aniline leather is dyed completely throughout, giving it an unmistakable look. They are perfect for those who dislike heavyweight boots’ bulky feel, and they complement casual outfits wonderfully. A semi-aniline leather has a more uniform appearance than other leathers, with fewer visible natural markings; it is also highly resistant to scratches, so you can expect that your calfskin boots will age gracefully.

Cowhide Leather Boots
Cowhide boots typically have a tighter grain and a wider heel. Cowhide leather is stitched together in the boots, with the rough side facing inward to protect the stitching from wear and tear. Cowhide leather boots come in two types: apache and engineer.
It’s ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors and want a rugged boot that can handle any terrain while still looking good. Apache cowhide can be sanded lightly or aniline tanned, and this creates a distinctive look.
Engineer cowhide boots are made from box calf hides. They are one of the most stylish boots made from cowhide and can be worn with a suit or casually for a look of genuine suede.

Suede Leather Boots
Suede leather boots have a nap on them, giving them a softer feel than other leather boots.
Soft, fuzzy undersides of the hide give the boots a unique feel and appearance. Suede comes from the innermost part of the hide, so it tends to be thinner and suppler. Although most boots have a smooth surface, some brands might sand or buff the suede leather for an even more rugged appearance.
The higher-quality suede leather boots come with wax coatings that help prevent water damage and stains. Suede leather boots are susceptible to water damage, as the absorbent surface can easily be stained and damaged by humidity.

Pull-up Leather Boots
These are the types of leather boots that men and women can both enjoy. They are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for everyday wear. Pull-up leather boots are made with high-quality materials that will last you for years to come. Additionally, pull-up leather is versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Tanners and finishers color pull-up leather with aniline dyes impregnated with natural oils and waxes instead of coating it with paint and pigment.
When stretched and pulled, oils and waxes tend to darken aniline dye colors, while pulling up the lighter colors. These oils and waxes create even more beautiful shading and subtle color variations. Through the aniline dying process, the scars, scratches, and wrinkles naturally found in leather hides can be seen.

Vegetables-Tanned Leather Boots
The most common type of leather used in boots is vegetable-tanned leather. It’s made by soaking the hides in a mixture of water and chemicals, which removes the hair and makes the leather more pliable. The downside to vegetable-tanning is that it’s a time-consuming process, which makes vegetable-tanned leather boots more expensive than other types.
Boot makers often use chrome-tanned leather for the uppers because it’s easier to work with and less expensive. The chrome tanning process uses chromium sulfate or chromium oxide to remove the hair from the hide and to tan the leather.

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