The Perfect Necklace Size Chart for Men and Women


Did you know that there are many different necklace sizes? If you’re looking to buy a necklace for your significant other, whether it’s your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even your mom or dad, don’t just assume that any necklace will do! Choosing the wrong size can be annoying and potentially even embarrassing if it doesn’t fit properly. Fortunately, this jewelry sizing chart can help you find the perfect fit every time!

How to find your necklace size
The perfect necklace is one that is both beautiful and comfortable. To find your necklace size, measure the circumference of your neck with a flexible measuring tape. For women, a good rule of thumb is to add two inches to your neck measurement. For men, add two and a half inches. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, you can also use a string or ribbon. Simply wrap it around your neck and mark the spot where it overlaps, then measure the length with a ruler.

Once you have your neck measurement, consult the chart below to find your perfect necklace size. In general, women need to order an inch longer than their actual measurement while men need to order an inch shorter than their actual measurement. And remember: it’s better to wear a more loosely fitting necklace than one that feels too tight! It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to jewelry.

Whether you like bold statement pieces or delicate understated pieces, there’s a style out there for everyone. While this post may not have covered every aspect of jewelry sizing, hopefully these guidelines will help make finding the right necklace easier!

How does jewelry sizing work?
Jewelry sizing is all about finding the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. The first step is to measure your neck with a tape measure. Once you have your neck measurement, add 2 inches to find your starting point. From there, use the chart below to find your perfect necklace size.

For example, if your neck measures 16 inches, you would start with an 18-inch necklace. If you need help figuring out what that translates to in terms of chains, remember that one inch equals 25 millimeters. So 16 inches equals 400 millimeters; therefore, 400+25=425mm. If we divide 425 by 100 (to convert mm into centimeters), we get 4.25 cm or just over 1 1/2 in.; so an 18-inch necklace would be approximately 150mm long! To figure out how much this equates to in inches, simply divide 150 by 25 and multiply it by 12: 18= 450mm x 12 = 5400mm. That means an 18-inch necklace is 5.4 long! It may seem like a lot of math, but really all you need to do is measure your neck, add two inches and refer to the chart above.

Most importantly, when measuring your neck always round up not down. A little extra length will ensure that you don’t end up with a too-tight necklace that can cause headaches or feel uncomfortable around your collarbone. But how do I choose which chain type?: There are many different types of chains from which to choose–each with its own unique style and weight–so it’s important to consider what type of chain best suits your personal style before ordering.

Chains come in both gold and silver metal options. Gold chains tend to have more detail because they’re made from heavier metal, while silver has a brighter look because it reflects light better than gold does. Gold also tends to match better with people who prefer yellow gold jewelry since white gold contains nickel, which some people are allergic to. However, silver tends to wear better since it doesn’t oxidize as quickly as gold does. Therefore, if you want something timeless then go with silver or wear both!

What if I’m between sizes?
If you’re between sizes, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go with the larger size. After all, you can always adjust a too-large necklace with a extender, but you can’t do much about a necklace that’s too small. With that said, here are some general guidelines: For women, a 16-18 inch necklace is considered average. For men, an 18-20 inch necklace is considered average. Of course, these are just averages and your best bet is to measure your neck before making a purchase.

Here’s how to measure your neck correctly:
– Stand up straight and put one end of the tape measure at the base of your throat.
– Hold one end in place while you stretch out the other end over your shoulder and then back down to meet up with the first hand holding the measuring tape. Mark this spot with a pen or pencil.
– The measurement in inches should be around two inches above where you started marking.
That’s it! It’s as easy as that!

Adjustable necklaces
An adjustable necklace is a great option if you’re unsure of the recipient’s neck size, or if you simply want them to be able to adjust the length to their own preference. To find the perfect fit, measure the circumference of their neck with a flexible tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure on hand, you can also use a string by holding it up to their neck and then measuring the string with a ruler.

You should typically choose a chain that is around 20 inches long to ensure it can fit most neck sizes. Any longer, and it may be difficult to adjust. The length of your chain can also affect how dangly or noticeable your pendant will be when worn. If you prefer something more subtle, choose a shorter chain that won’t weigh down on your pendant.

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