The Top Most Popular Hair Bows


How many different hair bows are there in the world? We don’t know, and we’re pretty sure you don’t either. In fact, we’re not even going to try to estimate how many different types of hair bows exist, because that would be silly. Instead, we’re going to do something a bit more useful – talk about the most popular hair bows! It doesn’t matter if you wear them with your hair in braids or curly pigtails – you can use these three common styles in any number of ways!

Solid Bow:
The solid bow is one of the most popular types of hair bows. They are simple, stylish, and come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. You can find solid bows made from grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, or even fabric. They are easy to make and can be attached to a clip or headband. Solid bows also work well for adults who want to accessorize their ponytail with something stylish. If you have long hair, it’s best to use a small bow rather than a large one because it will blend in better with your locks.


Printed Bow:
The most popular hair bow is the printed bow. It is a classic hair bow that can be worn with almost any outfit. It is made of grosgrain ribbon and comes in many colors and patterns. The printed bow can be worn in many different ways, but the most popular way to wear it is in a ponytail or pigtails. Printed bows are perfect for day-to-day wear and they come in many colors to match your personality!

Faux/Fur Bow:
A Faux Fur Bow is the most popular type of hair bow. They are made with high quality materials and construction. The bow is double layered and sewn together with a durable thread. The ends of the ribbon are heat sealed to prevent fraying. A metal alligator clip is used to attach the bow to the hair. These bows come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.


French Clip Bow:
The French Clip Bow is one of the most popular hair bows. It’s a classic style that can be worn with any outfit. French Clip Bows are made with a strip of fabric that is sewn into a loop. The loop is then attached to a clip, which can be clipped onto the hair. French Clip Bows come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find one to match any outfit. These bows are great for all ages!

Baseball Cap Bow
The baseball cap bow is a simple yet stylish way to add a touch of personality to your look. This type of hair bow is perfect for those who want to add a bit of flair to their outfit without going over the top. To wear a baseball cap bow, simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and tie the bow around the base of the ponytail. You can also add a few bobby pins to secure the bow in place.


Butterfly Bows
Butterfly bows are a bit delicate, but they’re cute and so easy to make. It begins with a bow, which starts out much like a loop bow, and is then embellished with a ribbon on the inside and tiny antennae on the top. All the patterns are already over the Internet, and as soon as you see them, you’ll immediately see the little girl in your life needs one.

Button Bows
Button bows are simply bows with large buttons in the middle, and since buttons come in so many different sizes, shapes, and colors, one can never run out of ideas on how to make these types of bows. For example, one might take a pink button and sew it onto an already-made bow, or they could use a button as an embellishment on an already-made bow. The possibilities are endless!


Crocheted Bows
These hair bows are made with yarn and a crochet hook. They can be made in any color to match any outfit, and they’re perfect for special occasions or every day wear. The best part about crocheted bows is that they can be made quickly and easily, so you can always have a fresh new hair bow to match your mood or outfit. With just a little bit of yarn and the right tools, anyone can make their own hairbow!

Fabric Bows
These are the most popular type of hair bow. They are made from a variety of fabrics, including grosgrain ribbon, satin, and velvet. You can find them in a wide range of colors and styles to match any outfit. Velvet bows look very luxurious, while satin bows will make your child look like they’re going to prom. Ribbons that are woven together make for a nice fabric bow with more texture.

Polyester bows have become more popular as well due to their lightweight nature and ability to be molded into different shapes (although not as much as before). Satin ribbons with rosettes at the ends often appear on traditional girl’s outfits like her little Sunday dress or even her dress-up clothes on special occasions. Fabric bows come in every color imaginable; girls may also enjoy getting a funky black or bright pink bow with stars or dots printed on it!

Lace Bow
A lace bow is a bow made with lace fabric. It is usually worn as a hair accessory, but can also be used to decorate other items, such as clothing or bags. Lace bows come in many different colors and styles, and can be either plain or decorated with beads, sequins, or other embellishments. They are a popular choice for weddings because they have an elegant appearance that matches the bride’s dress well. They are usually one-sided and do not cover much of the head, so they work well for updos that have little to no hair down.

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