Types of Eyelashes Every Woman Should Know About


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You may not give much thought to your eyelashes, but that’s only because you’re so used to seeing them. In reality, those eyelashes are one of the first things anyone notices about you, and they have the power to completely transform your appearance! If you want more attractive eyes and more attractive overall appeal, it’s time to upgrade your lashes with these amazing types of eyelashes every woman should know about!

Types of Eyelash Extensions
1. There are four main types of eyelash extensions: mink, silk, human hair, and synthetic.
2. Mink lashes are made from natural mink fur and are the most lightweight and soft type of lash. They also provide the most curl and have a glossy finish.
3. Silk lashes are made from a man-made fiber that is similar to mink in terms of weight and curl. However, they have a more matte finish.
4. Human hair lashes are made from 100% real human hair and offer the most natural look. They are also the most expensive type of lash.
5. Synthetic lashes are made from a plastic material and come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and lengths.
6. Women wear different types of lashes for different occasions. For example, someone wearing mink lashes at a wedding would want them to blend in with their own lashes so as not to draw attention away from their beautiful eyes.
On the other hand, someone who wears synthetic ones might want them because they’re inexpensive and quick-drying for an evening out on the town where you don’t want your false eyelashes getting wet or ruined by your mascara or eye liner running down your face.

In general, people use different types of lashes depending on what event they’re attending. Women usually wear mink lashes for weddings or special events because it’s important to enhance her beauty without drawing attention away from her eyes. Synthetic lashes are good for those days when she doesn’t need to worry about ruining her makeup. These lashes can be worn all day without fear of smudging or fading. It’s important to keep in mind that there are many factors involved in choosing which type of eyelash extension to purchase. For instance, some women find comfort with longer lashes while others prefer short ones because they feel like long ones get caught in their hair during the day. Make sure to consider personal preference before purchasing any product!

Types of False Lashes
False lashes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which type is right for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are the different types of false lashes every woman should know about
-Lash extensions: One of the most popular eyelash trends, lash extensions can add instant length and volume to your natural lashes. These falsies are applied one at a time to individual lashes. They will last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on how well they are taken care of.
This type of false lash is perfect for those who want dramatic results without spending a lot of time applying them each day. However, if you decide to go this route make sure you find someone who knows what they’re doing and uses high quality materials as bad extensions can damage your natural lashes!
-Magnetic eyelashes: Magnetic eyelashes offer an easy way to create a glamorous look that doesn’t require any makeup or glue. All you have to do is place these falsies on top of your real ones, and voila! Instant glamour that will last up to 24 hours (or until you take them off). Magnetic lashes also come in multiple styles including strip lashes, fluffy clusters, or even dots—whatever style best suits your needs.

How to Apply Each Type
1. Applying fashion lashes is all about precision. You’ll need a good lash glue, a tweezer, and patience.
2. Begin by applying a thin layer of lash glue to the band of the falsies. Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
3. Using your tweezer, pick up the lash band and place it as close to your natural lash line as possible. Gently press down on the band to secure it in place.
4. For a more natural look, apply mascara to your lashes before applying the falsies. This will help blend your own lashes with the falsies.
5. If you want a more dramatic look, apply mascara after you’ve applied the falsies. Be sure not to use too much because this can weigh them down and make them difficult to put on or take off.
6. Fashion lashes should be taken off nightly so they don’t cause any damage to your natural lashes or ocular area.
A good tip is always make sure that when taking off your makeup, you also remove any eye makeup such as fashion lashes. Your best bet is to use an oil-based makeup remover, like coconut oil. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough to break down even waterproof makeup.

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