Waterstones’ Game of the Month for August: Embrace the Joy of Play


As August unfolds, Waterstones invites you to step into the realm of tabletop games with its carefully selected Game of the Month offerings. These captivating games promise hours of entertainment, laughter, and friendly competition, making them the perfect companions for summer gatherings and cozy indoor moments. From strategy and deduction to creativity and storytelling, these games cater to a variety of interests, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

“The Traitors Card Game”

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Prepare for a game of suspense, strategy, and secrets with “The Traitors Card Game.” This intriguing game challenges players to navigate a world of hidden identities and alliances. As you work together to complete missions, suspicions arise, and allegiances are tested. With each round, players must determine who among them can be trusted and who might be a traitor. “The Traitors Card Game” encourages strategy and deduction, offering an immersive experience that keeps players engaged and invested in every twist and turn.

“Just One”

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“Just One” brings the joy of wordplay and cooperation to your gaming sessions. In this collaborative party game, players work together to help a guesser identify a word, but here’s the catch: each player provides only one word as a clue. The challenge lies in finding the perfect word that helps the guesser without being too obvious. With its simple rules and engaging gameplay, “Just One” fosters creativity and camaraderie, making it an excellent choice for gatherings and casual play.

“Dixit & Dixit Disney”

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“Dixit” and its Disney-themed counterpart offer a unique blend of creativity and storytelling. In this visually enchanting game, players use abstract illustrations to convey a word or phrase, encouraging others to guess the intended meaning. The catch lies in creating clues that are neither too obscure nor too obvious. With their imaginative artwork and open-ended gameplay, “Dixit” and “Dixit Disney” celebrate the power of interpretation and imagination, making them perfect additions to game nights.

Waterstones’ Game of the Month selections for August embody the spirit of play, connection, and shared experiences. Whether you’re unraveling mysteries, crafting clever clues, or engaging in creative storytelling, these games invite you to step away from screens and embrace the joy of face-to-face interaction. As you gather with friends and family, let these games be your companions in creating memorable moments filled with laughter, strategy, and the delight of play

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