How to Use Hair Toner to Get the Perfect Blonde Shade


If you’re looking to get that perfect blonde shade but don’t want to spend a lot of money or time in the salon, then hair tonner can be the perfect solution. Hair tonner works by lifting some of the natural pigment from your hair so it gets lighter faster than it would through regular bleaching. The great thing about using this method to lighten your hair is that you can control exactly how light you want your blonde to be, without sacrificing any of the health of your hair in the process.

What is Hair Toner?
Hair toner is a product that can be used to modify the color of your hair, as well as add shine and reduce frizz. When used on blonde hair, it can help to reduce brassiness and add pigment. While hair toner is typically used on color-treated hair, it can also be used on natural hair. It’s important to note that using hair toner can lead to hair breakage if not done correctly.

There are three ways you can use this product:
First, take a small amount of shampoo in your hand and add two drops of hair toner (depending on how light or dark you want the result). Apply this mixture directly onto wet or dry hair, starting at the roots and working outwards. You should do this process twice for best results.
Second, add some shampoo in your palm and add one drop of hair toner (again depending on how light or dark you want the result). Rub both hands together until they’re evenly mixed before applying them to wet or dry hair in the same manner as step one.
Last, add some conditioner to your palms and rub them together before adding one drop of hair toner (depending on how light or dark you want the result) into the mix. Applying this mixture to wet or dry hair will give an even shinier finish with less frizz. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your locks after application because leaving any residue behind will leave your hair looking dull. It’s always best to consult with a professional before doing anything drastic like bleaching or dying your hair, but for those who aren’t ready to make such a drastic change, try adding some hair toner first!

5 Mistakes When Using Hair Toners
1. Not using a toner often enough
2. Not shampooing before using a toner
3. Applying toner to dry hair
4. Leaving toner in for too long
5. Not using a conditioner after toning is also a common mistake, as it will make your hair feel dry and brittle.

To reduce brassiness, simply rinse with cold water right after applying the toner and then use warm water on your next wash cycle. Remember that you should only apply it once every six weeks to keep your hair healthy and shiny! You can add pigment by trying out different shades or adding highlights. Keep reading this blog post for more tips on how to get the perfect blonde shade!

Ways to Prepare Your Hair
When you’re trying to achieve a certain hair color, it’s important to start with healthy, clean hair. This means using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any buildup that could prevent the toner from penetrating your strands. You should also avoid using any styling products prior to toning, as this can also create a barrier.

Once your hair is clean and dry, you’re ready to start the toning process! First, you’ll want to apply a light-brown dye (ideally, one shade lighter than what you want) to your roots only and wait for 10 minutes before applying an ash-brown dye (or whatever other shade you want) all over your head. Finally, brush through both colors with a comb or brush and rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

Afterwards, use conditioner on the ends of your hair while they are still wet to seal in shine and help minimize breakage caused by exposure to chemicals or heat styling tools. Now that’s how easy it is to achieve beautiful blonde locks!

Benefits of Using Toners
If you want to go blonde, using a hair toner is a must. Toners help remove any unwanted yellow or brassy tones from your hair, giving you the perfect blonde shade. Plus, toners can help keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Here are some of the benefits of using a hair toner
1) Toners help remove any unwanted yellow or brassy tones from your hair, giving you the perfect blonde shade.
2) They can also help to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.
3) Using toners also helps protect against sun damage that may cause your hair color to fade too quickly.
4) They are ideal for someone who doesn’t have time to dye their whole head of hair every six weeks because they only need to apply it on the ends of their locks where new growth is occurring- which means less damage done to the rest of their tresses!
5) There’s no need for bleaching when you use a toner because it lightens up all those stubborn strands without damaging them in any way!
6) It’s easy to buy one since there are so many different shades available.
7) But if you’re worried about how much money you’re spending, don’t be.
8) Even though it’s an expensive product at first glance, if you think about how often you’ll need to purchase one, these little bottles will actually last longer than dyes or bleach kits do!
9) And finally, this method is much more gentle on your hair than the other methods mentioned above are–making it good for people with sensitive scalps like myself.

Where Should You Buy Your Toners?
You can find hair toners at most beauty supply stores, or even online. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable source, as you don’t want to end up with a sub-par product.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when using hair toner.

First, always read the instructions on the product before using it. This will ensure that you use it correctly, and avoid any potential damage to your hair. Second, remember that toner is not a one-time fix – you will need to reapply it every few weeks to maintain your desired shade.
Finally, be patient! It may take a few tries to get your perfect blonde shade, but it’ll be worth it in the end.


Why Do I Need It?
If you want to go blonde, you need hair toner. Toner neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones in bleached hair, giving you a cooler, more ashy blonde shade. It’s an essential step in achieving and maintaining your desired color. Plus, it can help keep your hair healthy and prevent damage.

With that being said, here are some tips on how to use toner:
– Make sure to apply evenly and not just focus on the roots.
– Apply all over your hair for 10 minutes with plastic wrap (or aluminum foil) on top of your head. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
– Wait until your hair is fully dry before using any other products such as mousse or heat protectant spray, since these will change the color of your hair again.

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